Leila Radan

leilaLeila Radan, an off-the-wall-and-off-the-cuff-hyper-hyphenated-ranting-and-raving-actress/writer-a-go-go, is described best by an avid reader and all around loyal fan as “Lewis Black on crack.”

A wife, a mother of two, a vegetarian and jewelry designer to boot, this proud, multi-ethnic San Franciscan will zoom from Zen to a full blown ROAR in the blink of an eye.

A feminist and a fashionista, Leila juggles her dreams against the mundane backdrop of “reality”, refusing to lose her voice and sense of self to society’s self-imposed shackles. Whether on runways, in malls, boutiques, city-streets or suburban digs…whether sashaying next to your average Jane & Joe, Molly or Moe, one thing is certain…this ostentatious-jewelry-wearing-Jeffrey-Campbell-addict of a shoe snob  can be a ticking time bomb of rants and raves. The short-circuitry in her brain is bound to elicit a dizzying stream of consciousness slam guaranteed to be as unforgettable, quirky, eccentric, explosive, unabashed, unashamed and absolutely unapologetic as Leila herself.