Team Chic

Nancy Ericsson – Still Photographer, Director, Cinematographer, Producer

NENancy Ericsson is a successful pro still photographer who shoots Fashion and Lifestyle imagery for clients like: The BBC, Eddie Bauer, Fox, The Gap, Seventeen Magazine, Parade Magazine, and Town & Country.

Nancy has also photographed a number of celebrities including: Robin Williams, Russell Brand, Danny Glover, Robin Wright, Boys to Men, Tyler James Williams, Jade Anderson, and NBA star Chris Mullin.

Her fine art images have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Nancy is also a director, cinematographer and producer. She applies her natural composition and lighting abilities, and extensive still photography experience to her video productions. Her motion work, which includes online advertising, fashion videos, documentaries and interviews, can be viewed here.

John Chris Lopez – Director, Cinematographer, Editor

DPP_0016John is a Bay Area filmmaker, experienced in film and video, fields he’s worked in for six years, with a focus on live event videography, music videos, and short films.

John always had an interest in filmmaking. As a child he was inspired to use the family camcorder to make little movies with his action figures. Instead of going out to play with the neighborhood kids, he’d opt to stay inside and watch movies all day. The affinity towards, and the passion for, film was there at an early age!

It wasn’t until 2009 that John made his first official short film. He loves the magical process inherent in the act of a camera bringing to life one’s vision and translating said vision from mere thoughts in one’s head into visual language, for all to behold.

John constantly strives to improve himself and his craft and feels that there’s always something new to be learned. He loves what he does and doesn’t plan on quitting. Were he to go blind (oh heavens forbid!), he’d still find a way to make a movie.

Stefunny Pettee – Videographer, Editor

spStefunny has been exploring and documenting the realm of Polyamory, non-monogamy and open relationships for 7 years. 5 years ago she embarked on a journey to create a documentary called Radical Love and after many challenges, obstacles, and lessons, she has moved on to help Looks Like Love To Me as both editor and videographer.

She has passion, drive and dedication. Her skills include videography, editing, motion graphics and graphic design. Creativity pours out of her in the forms of sacred geometry mandalas, crafting dream catchers, and digital art.