Chic Talk with Justin Fichelson!

May 11th saw us, The Chics, in the company of Justin Fichelson, San Francisco native and one of the stars of the upcoming reality TV show, Million Dollar Listing San Francisco!

Michele was under the weather but gracefully showed up for moral support and in solidarity with me as I went at it alone and interviewed Justin at one of our favorite San Francisco stores, Wonderland SF.

Having initially reached out to Justin on Facebook, Michele and I were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with warmth and humor by this local social butterfly and reality-TV-star-in-the-making. Justin was sweet and kind online and even more so offline, as well as down-to-earth, funny and charming. We can attest to the fact that whatever diva-ish stories may surround most reality TV stars, we will never believe such potential future claims about Justin! We think his Bravo profile says it all!

A native San Franciscan, Justin Fichelson is one of the Bay Area’s top luxury brokers at Climb Real Estate. He is the true embodiment of a real estate shark and credits his success to his exclusive roster of clients and unparalleled knowledge of the market. Fichelson is a master networker, and not only knows the key venture capitalists, angel investors and founders of Silicon Valley’s most successful and innovative companies, but is personally friends with them. His circle also includes the Getty and Hilton families.

Voted “Most Likely to Become a Millionaire” in high school, he sat side-by-side to many of the up-and-coming tech superstars and works hard to ensure he’s their first call when buying property. A constant in the San Francisco society pages, Fichelson knows the importance of making the rounds and can frequently be seen attending charity galas and serving on the boards of various committees. From his colorful suits to his unconventional living situation, he embodies the eccentric persona of a true native San Franciscan and is always working his social network to land his next big listing.

So, without any further ado, here is our Chic Talk with Justin Fichelson himself! Though I must say, “unconventional living situation”?!? Why was THAT not brought up in our interview Justin? WHY? Perhaps a follow-up is in order!

Thank you Justin for a fun interview and thank you Irene Hernandez-Feiks for welcoming us all into your incredible world that is Wonderland SF with open arms! And to you Chicsters we say, remember to tune in to the premier of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco on July 8th! Congratulations Justin!