The Chics at the Fashion Incubator San Francisco Workshop Series: “Using Blogs to Build Your Brand”

2June 17th we, The Chics, partook in quite the fun and exciting Fashion Incubator San Francisco panel “Using Blogs to Build Your Brand”, moderated by our favorite writer, fashionista-in-the-know, San Francisco Chronicle STYLE contributor and fashion commentator Tony Bravo!

The experience was inspiring, fun beyond what words can convey, and hey, who could ever dislike being asked to share the spotlight and act all wise ‘n all on a subject? Not us! We LOVE ego and we shall feed it any chance we get! HAH and *wink, wink*!

1So, without any further ado, want to get noticed and covered by fashion bloggers? Need inspiration for your next blog post that will make your brand pop? Then click on through and hear leading fashion and lifestyle bloggers from j’adore couture (Kim Mitchell Stokes), Stylenik (Kristen Philipkoski) and us, The Chics, Leila Radan and Michele Gates, reveal what works and what won’t in building followers to grow your brand.

Whether we did a good job or not matters not, we looked good and we were filmed. Mission accomplished!

Thank you Tony for thinking of us and asking us to be on the panel and thank you Fashion Incubator San Francisco for hosting us!


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