Chic Talk with Connie Nielsen!

April 20th found my partner-in-Chic Michele and me in the beautiful Marin home of Danish actress Connie Nielsen, safely tucked away from the rowdy-trafficky-overcrowded-pretty-much-shut-the-city-down infamous San Francisco pot day festivities.



As gracious as she is beautiful, Connie warmly welcomed us into her home and generously granted us an extended interview that found us doing away with our Hollywood career related questions (after all, her incredible body of work speaks for itself) and placing our focus on her inspiring non-profits, Human Needs Project and Road To Freedom Scholarships.

We left Connie’s home in awe of her accomplishments and fully enamored by her, her kind heart and compassionate ways. In a world where quick fixes are the norm, where solutions are short term and, more often than not, act as self-aggrandizing bandaid token acts of kindness aimed at elevating one’s philanthropic profile rather than truly offering those in need a long term solution, Connie’s accomplishments with Human Needs Project and Road To Freedom Scholarships stand out as models of tangible hope that both elevate and nurture human dignity along the way. But why write about it when you can delve in and see for yourselves?

Click on through and join us in our awe, and in our celebration, of a woman we admire, respect and simply adore, Connie Nielsen.



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