Chic Spotting: Margaret Cho!

As you know, we, the Chics, live in SF. We ADORE Margaret Cho, the famed comedian, actress, singer, SF native and homeless rights advocate. ADORE. Like, seriously, love to the umpteenth level spread thick on a delicious bed of ADORE raised to the highest degree ADORE could ever be raised to!

My partner-in-Chic, Michele, heard that Margaret was to be in town. Margaret tweeted where she would be. Her whereabouts-to-be were also advertised so, naturally, we showed up and ever so politely stalked her.

We met her at the beautiful event held at the SF Eagle, on March 28th, that honored the late Robin Williams’ work with the homeless and raised funds for a film about Margaret Cho’s #BeRobin campaign.

We got her number.

She gave it to us. Her number. Willingly. We are just THAT cool. Apparently, Michele and I are also an angry, lesbian couple but we’ll leave that for another day.

And while Margaret is to be our summer 2015 interviewee, for now, you get this… Margaret in all her glory, that one day when we, the Chics, had the honor of meeting her in San Francisco!

Mental Note: When filming with an iPhone, hold the phone sideways for proper footage or else you get this. But hey, it’s Margaret Cho so we’re not complaining!


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